Streamlight Jr.® LED

Our Streamlight Jr. LED series may be lightweight and compact, but the light these flashlights produce is anything but small. Pick the one that is right for you – whether you need a regular flashlight or one with the LED on the end of a flexible cable for seeing into tight spaces – both are handy tools to have on hand!


Streamlight Jr.® LED
  • 1 watt C4® LED, 50,000-hr. LED
  • Up to 3800 candela (peak beam intensity) and 85 lumens measured system output
  • Runtime to the 10% output level:
    "AA" Alkaline Batteries – 4 Hours
    "AA" (L91) Lithium Batteries – 5.25 Hours

    Streamlight Jr.® Reach LED
    • Includes extension cable that allows for 14" of "reach"
    • Next generation C4® LED technology, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime
    • Up to 1,600 candela peak central intensity and 85 lumens measured system output. Textured parabolic reflector produces an even, wide beam hotspot.
    • Up to 3.25 hours of run time to the 10% output level
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