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Multi Ops®
  • Shock-proof C4® LED design – 2-3x Brighter than a High Flux LED!
  • Light Output and Runtime:
    C4® LED – Impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime; 2500 candela peak beam intensity; 50 lumens; 4.75 continuous hours to 10% of initial lumen output.
    Five (5) 390nm UV LEDs – 40mw measured system output; 10 continuous hours to 10% of initial output power.
    Visible Red Laser – 650nm, Class IIIa (3R), <5mW laser output power, useable laser range of 100+ feet when in LED/Laser mode, 100+ yards when in Laser Only mode; 40 continuous hours.
    White C4 LED/Laser Mode – 4 continuous hours.
  • Powered by 3 "AAA" alkaline batteries (included)

    Stylus Pro Reach®
    • White C4® LED technology, impervious to shock
    • 825 candela peak beam intensity, 38 lumens
    • Uses two easily-sourced AAA alkaline batteries (included)
    • Eight-inch (20.32 cm) flexible polyethylene-coated extension cable allows for 14" (35.56 cm) of reach

    ProTac® 1AA
    • Click here for Data Sheet
    • Features Ten-Tap® Programming – Choose from three user selectable programs:
      1.) high/strobe/low (factory default)
      2.) high only
      3.) low/high
    • C4® LED illumination output and run times:
      HIGH - 70 lumens; 1,450 candela peak beam intensity; runs 2 hours
      LOW – 5 lumens; 125 candela peak beam intensity;  runs 32 hours
      STROBE – runs 4 hours
    • Solid State power regulation provides maximum light output throughout battery life

    ProTac® EMS
    • C4 LED technology offers 3 levels of increasing intensities: Low, medium and high
    • Powers on at low beam: 3.6 lumens/runs 36 hours; ideal for pupil exams. Faint peripheral illumination surrounding the focused beam slightly illuminates the opposite pupil without directly causing it to contract, facilitating observation of consensual contraction in dim light
    • Two taps of the tail switch accesses medium mode, which delivers 10 lumens/runs for 19 hours. Ideal for non-glare wound examination
    • Three taps of the tail switch accesses high mode, which delivers 50 lumens/runs 1.5 hours (1 AA alkaline); runs 3.4 hours using AA lithium battery

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