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Its illumination innovations make it a must-have light for camping and emergency preparedness

Siege AdIf you're camping, hiking, hunting, or doing anything that might involve being outdoors after dark; or if you want a dependable, versatile light to get you through power outages at home… The Siege is the one light you need.

The Siege has a tough, rugged design, with a rubberized coating that protects it from impact. It's not only waterproof, it floats upright so you can see the light in water.

The Siege can shift from 4 White C4® LEDs to a night vision Red LED with a press and hold of a button. The white LED mode has three intensities of light: high at 340 lumens for 30 hours, medium at 175 lumens for 70 hours and low at 33 lumens for 12+ days. The Red LED has 10 lumens and will run for 9+ days. It also has an SOS Morse code signal that will last for 18 days!

The battery indicator turns from green to yellow to red showing when the batteries are being depleted so you won't be surprised if the batteries run out. And when you need to replace them, The Siege's design makes it easy to do even in total darkness.

The lantern provides 360° of soft, even light. For even brighter light, the light cover can be removed. The Siege also has a handle for easy carrying and can hang on a rope due to its notch in the handle. It can be clipped onto a line with the D-ring on top. It can also hang upside-down with the globe on or off with the second D-ring on the bottom of the light. When the light cover is off it can fit into tight spaces such as pup tents.

When there's no light – or no electricity to power your lights – the Siege can be a real lifesaver.

We're Spreading The Word On TV and In Print
This rugged light is so superior to other lanterns that it's destined to be a huge success. So we're launching an extensive advertising campaign with a TV commercial that will run heavily on Buckmaster's Whitetail Magazine and The Jackie Bushman Show on The Outdoor Channel; and The Siege ad is running in all three Buckmaster's publications (Buckmaster's Whitetail, Buckmaster's Rack, Buckmaster's Gun Hunter) from July through December.

Watch The Siege TV Commercial Check out the video on The Siege
Siege Commercial How it Works

For more information on The Siege, click here.

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