Streamlight developed these special lights for use in the great outdoors in conjunction with Buckmasters®, one of the premiere hunting enthusiast organizations in the USA. They have the features you need to help keep you safe and are available in the REALTREE Hardwoods® Green High Definition (HD) camouflage pattern.


Orange Nano Light®
  • For every orange Buckmasters® American Deer Foundation Nano Light® sold, Streamlight will donate $1 to the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation.
  • Double-sided fob features the BADF logo on one side and the Streamlight logo on the other side
  • Non-rotating snap hook for easy one-handed operation
  • White LED delivers 10 lumens
  • Runs 8 hours using four IEC-LR41 coin cells

Buckmasters® Camo Stylus Pro®
  • Proprietary Micro Optical System (MOS), for optimized output and runtime
  • Safety green LED delivers up to 80 candela (peak beam intensity); Up to 5 lumens
  • Runs up to 12 hrs.
  • Available in REALTREE® HARDWOODS Green High Definition® (HD) camouflage

Buckmasters® PackMate®
  • C4® LED: High – 6,000 candela peak beam intensity, 125 lumens, Runs up to 2.75 hrs; Low – 1,000 candela peak beam intensity, 20 lumens, Runs up to 15 hrs
  • Ultra-Bright Green LEDs: High (3 Nichia Ultra-Bright Green) – 80 candela peak beam intensity and 7.5 lumens measured system output (runs up to 38 continuous hours); Low (1 Nichia Ultra-Bright Green) – 40 candela peak beam intensity and 4 lumens measured system output (runs up to 52 continuous hours)
  • 3 Nichia Ultra-Bright Green LEDs, 100,000 hour lifetime

    Buckmasters® Trident® Headlamp
    • White light meets lighting needs for both close-up and distance work; safety green LEDs give you the option of using three for a brighter candela and long beam distance or one for extended run times.
    • Features center C4® LED and three green 5mm LEDs
    • Push-button switch is easy to use when wearing gloves and is recessed to protect it from inadvertent activation
    • Low-level battery indicator visible in the facecap of each light

    Buckmasters® Twin-Task® 2L
    • REALTREE Hardwoods® Green High Definition (HD) camouflage pattern with leathertop wear – resistant coating
    • 0.9A high pressure adjustable focus xenon bulb provides 72 lumens
    • 3 ultra-bright, 100,000-hour-life green LEDs deliver 10 lumens
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