Product Specific Videos

Jackie Bushman counts on Streamlight for all of his camping and hunting lights. Strion LED HP, Strion LED, Buckmasters Triident, Buckmasters PackMate, PolyTac LED, 4AA ProPolymer LED, Waypoint.

General Series Videos

Explains the three key beam patterns and their differences

C4 Technology

An introduction to ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Standards

Michael Bane and Bobby Knight explain lumens and candela.

Michael Bane and Bobby Knight discuss how you can depend on Streamlight in critical situations

Three decades ago, Streamlight® created its first 5 million candela flashlight for the space program. Today, Streamlight is still lighting the way for superior quality, performance and innovation.

Michael Bane and Bobby Knight discuss the Waypoint a hand-held, pistol grip spotlight and its benefits.

Jackie Bushman stays safe and lights the way with the WayPoint®.
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