Safety Green LEDs

Streamlight understands the need to see and be seen when you’re outdoors; whether you’re camping or tracking game. Green LEDs provide you with a bright green light that won’t spook game or hinder your night vision, making them ideal for outdoor adventures. They are also bright enough to light your way and alert other hunters to your presence.

We have a number of lights with safety-green LEDS, including the ClipMate®, the Stylus®, Buckmasters® Stylus Pro® the Key-Mate®, the Buckmasters® PackMate®, and the Trident® with a single green LED or the Buckmasters® Trident® with three of them.

In addition, Streamlight has incorporated green LED and laser technology into our tactical weapon-mounted lights. The TLR-1® Game Spotter® has a green LED with an intense hot-spot for long-range identification. And if you’re looking for a rail-mounted light with a green aiming laser, we have the TLR-2® G and the TLR-4® G.

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